Our Mission

We exist to guide leaders towards curiosity and transformation using authentic conversations.

We guide you towards REVEALING new insights, CLARIFYING what they mean, and ENGAGING in authentic transformation.
— Ethan Martin, Founder and Lead Executive Coach

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Change happens by developing powerful habits.

  2. Tools, training, and coaching are only useful when you create the space to apply them.

  3. Life isn’t about doing more, it’s about making an impact.

  4. Curiosity and presence trump talent and skill.

  5. Leadership is about amplifying strengths and mitigating weaknesses.

  6. People thrive in an environment of high expectations and grace.

  7. The right tool at the right time can change your life and company culture.

  8. You are the expert in your business. We are your guides to building deeper leadership and a stronger culture.